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Welcome to Lauren Urie Therapy, your digital sanctuary for exploring the depths of the human experience. Explore, learn, and nurture your mind with the tools and support you need to thrive.


At Lauren Urie Therapy, our mission is deeply rooted in the belief that every individual possesses the innate strength and resilience to overcome life's obstacles and thrive. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a life that reflects their true potential. Our mission is to empower individuals to explore their innermost thoughts, emotions, and experiences, so that they can embrace their inherent worth, find their voice and cultivate fulfillment.

About the Project

Founded in 2021, Lauren Urie Therapy extends a compassionate hand, providing a nurturing environment to delve into the complexities of life. Immerse yourself in a safe haven where authenticity reigns supreme, and where we celebrate the profound journey self-discovery, growth and healing.



We believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives. Through ongoing education and learning, we strive to provide our community members with the tools, insights, and understanding they need to navigate their personal journeys with confidence and clarity.


Inclusion is our commitment to honouring the uniqueness of every individual and creating a space where all are welcomed and valued. We celebrate diversity in all its forms and strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels heard, seen and respected.


Community lies at the heart of everything we do. We believe in the strength of supportive connections and the healing power of belonging. Through fostering a sense of belonging and solidarity, we create a nurturing environment where individuals can feel understood, accepted and uplifted


Empowerment is about recognizing and nurturing the inherent strength and potential within each person. We are dedicated to empowering our community to take control of their lives, make positive changes, and move forward with confidence, resilience and purpose

About Me


Hi there! Thank you for stopping by! I'm Lauren (she/her), a registered social worker passionate about holistic well-being and knowledge sharing. Through @laurenurie.therapy, I've created a space where compassion, understanding and knowledge intersect.

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